Fuelling Your Company with the Right People

We specialize in IT personnel placement. We have an extensive database of highly qualified IT individuals, each offering something of unique value. 3DConnect is an expert in Microsoft technologies and is a certified Microsoft partner – with the ability to use and integrate many other technologies as well. By using our smart analytical processes, thorough evaluations, and firsthand experience in the information technology sector, we will match your company with the best suited IT experts.

Here are the different types of placements we offer:

  • Experts for short-term contracts (day or week-long contracts)
  • Contractor for a longer term project
  • Full-time employees
  • We can take on project based contracts or find the experts to take on your project based contract.
  • If feasible, we can outsource and manage your project

Any Form of Placement

3DConnect’s IT consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. Regardless of the nature of your project, we will find the perfect candidate to help you accomplish your goals. We have the know-how and industry connections to make the link between employee and employer and in many cases we will even partner with other consulting and recruiting firms to supply you with the best experts for the job.

As our client, your needs come first. We operate flexibly to make our services as accommodating as possible, providing you with project based consultancy services where we will engage the entire assignment at hand, either on or off your premises. Pricing will also be catered to suit your demands and can be structured on per diem, fixed cost, or variable pricing based on estimated project phases.

3DConnect has a worldwide contact base and occasionally outsources to off-shore companies for development, integration and support. In all cases, the client interface, project management and business administration remains local, with part of our team travelling to ensure effective execution and project delivery.

Understanding Your Exact Requirements

From many years of dealing with clients just like yourself, we can say with confidence that we will be able to quickly comprehend the needs of your organization. With a solid understanding of your project, we can find the perfect IT experts for the job to satisfy your budget needs, time deadlines, and skill level demands.