A Brief Background

3DConnect has 24 years of experience in the information technology consulting industry and was officially established in 2003. Today, with offices in both Toronto and Ottawa, 3DConnect demonstrates a fresh and candid approach to IT consulting and staffing which contributes to the success of both our corporate clients and our IT professionals.

Lower Margins and Honest Rates

Unlike the vast majority of consulting and staffing companies on the market today, 3DConnect offers full disclosure of all fees and payments. Our consulting team is backed by widespread IT expertise and our recruitment services focus on the establishment of connections that fit.

We believe in the fair treatment of our IT experts and business clients. We do not underpay and we do not overcharge. Our commitment lies in the overall success of the companies we serve and the professionals we find work for. If we can contribute to the accomplishment of your goals, then we’ve done our job as your IT consultant and recruitment partner.

The Perfect Match

3DConnect is committed to the connections it makes. The better we can match a company with the right personnel, the better we will be able to position ourselves as a competent and dependable IT consulting service. We conduct thorough consultations with both our clients and our IT experts, to identify their wants, needs, skills, specialties, timeframes, goals and future objectives. We determine with accuracy where you best fit. Our meticulous approach to the connections we establish is what sets us apart from the competition and allows us to excel at what we do.

Given our close relationship to the IT industry from a social standpoint through our sponsorship and management of the Metro Toronto .NET Users Group, we are able to recruit the most highly qualified Microsoft professionals and IT experts with a wide variety of technical backgrounds.

How 3DConnect Goes Above and Beyond

Our business is flexible, mobile and has very low overhead costs. This dynamic structure allows us to pay our IT experts well, at the same time passing on the low-overhead savings to our corporate clients. Over and above fair pricing, our proficient knowledge base allows us to properly understand the technical issues our clients face so that we may qualify the right candidates for the job.